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Indicative system capacities

Capacity information Capacity
Entry Specification Sweet crude oil
Exit Specification Oil exported via Tanker- BS&W <0.5vol %, RVP <11psi.  Gas via Beryl into SAGE spec:   Max inlet pressure 196 bara, min inlet pressure 175 bara, H2S <6 ppmv, water content <63 ppmv, Cricondenbar ≤ 106 bara, CO2 content < 5 mole%, O2 content < 7 ppmv.
Outline Details of primary separation processing facilities Oil separation on Gryphon is achieved by two three phase separators in series and a coalescer. The separated oil is cooled and stored.  Export oil is pumped from the storage tanks, through the export metering system into a shuttle tanker. Gas is sent to the compression train and the produced water passed to the produced water handling package. A three phase test separator is also provided on Gryphon
Separation Capacity Maximum capacities: 60,000 bopd & 79,300 bwpd & 47.5 mmscf/d, total liquids 110,000 blpd
Oil Export Storage capacity of 540,000 barrels
Gas Export 40 mmscf/d
Gas Lift 2.5 mmscf/d per well (typical). 1 x 4" riser supplying the Tullich, Ballindalloch and Maclure fields and 1 x 4" riser supplying the Gryphon field
Gas Compression 47 mmscf/d
Produced Water Handling 79,300 bwpd
Dehydration 90 mmscf/d
H2S Removal N/A
Water Injection 2 x 100% WINJ pumps with 78,953 bwpd capacity each.