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Indicative System Capacities

The GPIII FPSO processes oil for the Dumbarton, Lochranza and Balloch fields.  The oil is exported via tanker loading.

Capacity information Capacity
Entry specification H2S < 50ppm
Exit Specification Oil TVP 14 [email protected] 45 deg.C.  Gas export is unavailable
Outline Details of primary separation processing facilities Oil separation on GPIII is achieved using two stage separation, with inlet heater and 2nd stage heating.  Gas from separation is sent to the LP and HP compression trains and the produced water passed to the produced water handling package.  Well testing is by subsea Multi- Phase Meters
Separation Capacity Oil 40,000 bopd, Produced Water 100,000 bpd, Total Liquids 140,000 bpd per 1st stage separator
Oil Export Storage 522,454 bbl; Offloading rate 6000 m3/hr
Gas Export Gas export is unavailable
Gas Lift 35 mmscfd total for existing 6" gas lift riser. Additional I-tubes available.
Gas Compression Design flow 23 mmscfd per HP compressor (3 of)
Produced Water Handling 100,000 bpd
Dehydration 90 mmscfd
H2S Removal N/A
Water Injection 110,000 bwpd