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Services we provide

We offer the following service levels to third-party tie-ins subject to available capacity and agreement on commercial terms:

  • Accept hydrocarbons that comply with delivery specifications;
  • Process hydrocarbons to required criteria;
  • Meter / measure / allocate hydrocarbons to specified standards;
  • Deliver dry gas into the SAGE system via Leadon pipeline and Beryl Alpha platform;
  • Export stabilised crude by shuttle tanker;
  • Operate / monitor fields on behalf of tie-in parties;
  • Provide technical input as required;
  • Provide other 'routine' services;
  • Provide other 'non-routine' services on an opex-plus basis.

Any third party approach would be treated on a case-by-case basis when determining the appropriate commercial terms, taking into account issues such as the required level of capital expenditure, product specification, capacity requirements, etc.


Facilities and Technical Information

The Gryphon Alpha installation consists of an FPSO facility connected to subsea well clusters. The FPSO is equipped with topsides production facilities which perform conventional separation of gas/oil/water mixtures and compression of gas for export, and for use as fuel, reinjection and lift gas. Crude oil is stored on board and offloaded to shuttle tankers for transportation to shore. In addition, there is a gas export pipeline from the FPSO to the Beryl Alpha installation via the Leadon pipeline, for onward transport to shore via the SAGE system

The FPSO is a Tentech 850C vessel and was purchased by Kerr-McGee in early 1993 and subsequently fitted out with the topsides production facilities. The vessel was originally moved to its offshore location in September 1993, and production commenced in October 1993. The original facility was upgraded in 2003 to include provisions for processing fluids from the Maclure and Tullich reservoirs, as well as a gas export line to Beryl Alpha. Ownership was transferred to Maersk Oil North Sea UK Limited in 2005, and to the Total Group in 2018. Total E&P North Sea UK Limited (TEPNSUK), part of the Total Group, is the duty holder.


The hull and moorings of the Gryphon FPSO are subject to a five year class renewal cycle which was last renewed in November 2017. The operator considers it possible to extend the life of the Gryphon FPSO to 2027 without dry-dock.


The FPSO has a storage capacity of 540,000 barrels of oil. Gas production is constrained by processing capacities at the Gryphon FPSO, currently limited to 47MMScf/d of gas handling (associated and lift) via three compression trains. The glycol dehydration system has an installed capacity of 90MMScf/d (potential future gas expansion capacity). Produced water facilities consists of treatment equipment (design rate of 110,000bwpd ) and reinjection equipment for reservoir pressure maintenance and disposal (design rate of 79,000bwpd). Main power generation for normal operations is provided by two 8.5 MW gas turbine generators, with further power generation provided by up to five 3MW diesel driven generators, according to operational requirements. All five diesel generators are able to operate in parallel with the gas turbine generators.

Performance and reliability

Gryphon Hub production performance record is shown in the adjacent graph. A production efficiency of 77% was achieved in 2018 (45 day planned outage), and a 92.6% efficiency has been achieved for the period January - September 2019.

Production efficiency is defined as the ratio between actual production and the addition of actual production plus the production (planned and unplanned) shortfalls.