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The Dumbarton field is in Quad 15 and is located approximately 140 miles (230km) north east of Aberdeen at a water depth of 140m. It straddles two blocks, 15/20a and 15/20b. The area was originally abandoned by BP in 1998 but reactivated with first oil in 2007. It is serviced by the GPIII floating production, storage and offloading facility (FPSO) which Maersk Oil owns and it also has subsea tiebacks from both Lochranza and Balloch developments. The oil is exported via tanker loading.  Gas and NGLs are exported via pipeline to a subsea tie-in at MacCulloch and thereafter to Piper Bravo for further processing.


FPSO vessel data:

  • Length  - 217.2m
  • Beam – 38.0m
  • Depth moulded – 23.0m
  • Draft, design + scantling – 17.0m
  • Dead weight tonnage – 85,900 tonnes (@17m draft)
  • Displacement – 108,000 tonnes (@17m draft)