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Elgin / Franklin

The Elgin field is located in Block 22/30b and Block 22/30c of the UK sector of the North Sea, approximately 200 km due east of Aberdeen (57° 00’42”N 01°50’16”E) in a water depth of 92m. The Franklin and West Franklin satellites are situated 5.5 km south of Elgin in Block 29/5b and Block 29/4d at a similar depth.


The Franklin reservoir was discovered in 1986 while Elgin was discovered five years later in 1991.  Both reservoirs are HP/HT with reservoir pressure c.1100 bar and temperature c.190°C.


Elgin/Franklin came onstream in 2001 and has a design life of more than 20 years. It is one of the largest HP/HT installations in the world. The Elgin Franklin complex currently consists of two wellhead platforms situated directly over the Elgin and Franklin HPHT reservoirs which are linked to the Elgin PUQ (Process, Utilities and Quarters) platform by a bridge and a subsea pipeline bundle and umbilical.


The PUQ was designed to process 15.5 Mm3/d to National Grid and Interconnector delivery specifications. Offshore processing on the PUQ enables the gas to be exported at sales quality directly to market through the SEAL pipeline system and the Bacton Terminal. Condensate is shipped through the Graben Area Export Line (GAEL) and the Forties Pipeline System (FPS) to Kinneil for stabilisation.


Under the current expectations of long-term oil and gas prices and indications given by investors, the infrastructure is expected to be operational until 2040.

Provisions for Third Party Access

Elgin and Franklin facilities form part of a major infrastructure development consisting of a central processing facility (PUQ), two wellhead platforms (Elgin A, Franklin) and following the completion of the West Franklin project in 2014 two additional  wellhead platforms (West Franklin, Elgin B).  The tie-in point for third party access would be via the new Elgin B wellhead platform.

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